Massage for Pregnancy and Babies


About the course

This one-day workshop teaches the therapist how to work safely with pregnant women at any stage of their pregnancy. It also teaches how to massage babies and children.

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Why take this course:

Pregnancy massage is not covered as part of most foundation diploma courses.  Lots of pregnant women look to have massage to ease pressure on their body as they pregnancy advances.
It is important to know how to adapt your training to the needs of the pregnant client so you can work effectively and safely.

What will you learn?

About Pregnancy Massage:
During the workshop the therapist will learn a full body sequence which can be offered at any stage during pregnancy.
You will learn how to confidently adapt your body and scalp sequences for all pregnant clients.
During the practical sessions all students will work on a pregnant model ensuring that you leave the course fully equipped to treat pregnant clients with confidence and care.
During the theory sessions we will cover:
The most common “conditions of pregnancy”
Questions to ask during the consultation
The benefits and cautions of massage during pregnancy
We will also cover how to blend your vegetable oils and infused oils to make a luxurious massage blend to nurture the skin.

About Baby Massage:
You will learn how to adapt massage for new-born babies to toddlers.
Practising on dolls, you will learn just how enjoyable it can be to offer massage to these tiny people.
You will see how the learning process for the baby is very different to adults.

During the theory sessions we will cover:
The cautions and benefits of massage for babies and children.

You will also learn how to blend your vegetable oils and infused oils to make a healing blend for babies.

Student Testimonials

“It was so great to work on pregnant models it gives me great confidence to practice this therapy”

Can I learn more?

If you are an aromatherapist you can attend Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Babies click here

Who can attend?

This course is open to qualified massage therapists.

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations: