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Professional Grade Aromatic Water 250ml

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Aromatic waters are the waters that are produced during the process of steam distillation of essential oils.Depending on what part of the world you come from they can be called Hydrolats, Hydrosols or aromatic waters.


When purchasing hydrolats it is best to purchase them from a producer whose focus in distillation is the hydrolats and not the essential oils this way the final produce is better. Buying herbal grade will ensure they are fit for internal use.

Always check the label. A therapeutic grade hydrosol should NOT contain alcohol.

Reasons for using hydrosols

Hydrolats are very mild in action compared with essential oils and are therefore useful for the treatment of the babies, the elderly and those who are recovering from a serious illness.

Because the molecules are integrally dispersed in the distillation water irritation of the skin and mucous surfaces is avoided.

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