Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher’s Level Course


Elevate your journey with the Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher’s Level course, designed to enhance your theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This course equips you to become an adept Rahanni teacher, ready to guide others through their healing paths.
Become a beacon of healing and guidance as a Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher. This course promises not only to enrich your healing capabilities but also to enable you to contribute significantly to the healing and growth of others.


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Understanding Rahanni:

Deepen your mastery of Rahanni Celestial Healing, exploring its origins, core principles, and its transformative effect on the heart center for healing and balance.

Rahanni Techniques:

Advance your skills in channeling Rahanni energy with sophisticated hands-on techniques. This course segment ensures you can conduct healing sessions with heightened effectiveness and safety.

Distance Healing:

Expand your healing reach with distance healing techniques, allowing you to send Rahanni’s healing energy across any distance, offering support to those not physically present.

Self-Healing Practices:

Dive deeper into the personal healing aspects of Rahanni, learning to harness this gentle energy for your own heart center’s balance, wellness, and inner peace.

Teaching Rahanni to Others:

Transition from practitioner to teacher with confidence. Gain insights into effectively instructing and inspiring others in Rahanni Celestial Healing, empowering them to start their own journeys of healing.

Who can attend this course?

Before embarking on the Teacher’s Level, participants must have:
– Completed the Rahanni Practitioner’s Level course.
– Accumulated at least six months of Rahanni practice experience.
– Submitted three case studies demonstrating their experience and effectiveness with Rahanni healing.

These prerequisites are designed to ensure a comprehensive and enriching learning experience, preparing you for the profound responsibility of teaching Rahanni Celestial Healing.

Can I learn more?


This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:


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