Baby Reflexology & Instructors Training


Expand and grow your reflexology practice. Learn how to teach reflexology to parents and guardians. Spread your knowledge out into your community to build a strong and vibrant practice.

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Why take this course?

Babies can benefit enormously from receiving regular Reflexology. When it can be delivered by the parent it can become part of the child’s daily care which will have real long-term positive effects on the child’s wellbeing and the natural bond between the parent and child.

You will learn:

How to tailor your normal reflexology routines into simpler forms to use with babies, toddlers, and children for common childhood illnesses.
How to teach this wonderful skill to parents who have no knowledge of Reflexology.
How to set up and run a “Reflexology for Parents” group.

Course content – Baby Reflexology:

• Benefits of touch and reflexology on babies, toddlers, children
• Zone therapy and how to use as a stand-alone treatment for children.
• Linking techniques – energy links through the zones
• Scaling down! – how to adapt techniques for babies and children.
• Protocols for common childhood conditions such as sinus, constipation, colic, etc
• Techniques and methods for children with special needs
• Contraindications
• Contra actions
• Consultation techniques
• Relaxation techniques
• Parental and Child consent
• Creating the best environment and using good quality mediums
• Aftercare and home advice with some basic techniques to use at home.

Course content – Instructor’s training

Teaching Baby Reflexology to:
• Small groups
• One to one session
• How to plan a class
• How to put a course schedule together
• How to set up your room for comfort and teaching ease
• How to promote and advertise your course
• Type of equipment needed.
• Benefits of teaching a group

Course notes will include:

Foot and Hand Maps:
Specially created Baby Reflexology foot maps to help you teach parents/guardians step by step how to work on their babies with ease and confidence. They will include:
• Map of Reflex Zones
• Baby Reflex foot map
• Young child reflex foot map
• Hand Reflex map
Protocols for parents and guardians to:
• Support wellness and good routine
• Ease common childhood conditions
Your specially designed maps
• Map of Reflex Zones
• Baby Reflex foot map
• Young child reflex foot map
• Hand Reflex map

Who can take this course?

This course is for all qualified Reflexologists who hold a recognised qualification in Anatomy & Physiology.
Professional CPD points available for this course
NRRI 100 points
IRI 50 points
IFPA 6 points category B

This course is taught by:

This course is written and taught by Denise Hanlon. Denise is one of OBUS Schools most experienced tutor and has been a practitioner for almost 20 years. She was inspired to write this course when she saw the wonderful results she got when she used Reflexology on her grandchildren.

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:



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