Reflexology in Cancer Care


Course times:    9.30 am to 5.30 pm



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This course is currently available online.

About this Course

This is a workshop is designed to give you knowledge and confidence when treating clients at every stage of cancer.

Why take this course?

Every treatment for cancer will leave its imprint in the body and adjustments to your Reflexology treatment may need to be made to ensure an effective and safe treatment.  This course will give you the skill and confidence to work with clients who have been newly diagnosed and receiving treatment to people who have completed their treatment many years ago.

What will you learn?


  • Understanding Cancer
  • What is cancer
  • Treatments for cancer
  • Stages of cancer
  • Details needed for intake form
  • Follow-up needed
  • Client safety
  • Therapist safety
  • Hygiene Infection control
  • Contraindications
  • Adaptations


  • Additional treatments to offer
  • Linking – making informed choices to most benefit the client
  • Endocrine points
  • Nervous system points
  • Immune system points
  • Zone Therapy
  • Air Reflexology
  • Using a medium to change the texture of the treatment

Anchoring – giving the client something to do between treatments

  • Hand reflexology
  • Breathing
  • Visualisation

Positioning – for comfort, relaxation and release

Lymphoedema –  working with clients presenting with lymphoedema requires specialised training.  This is covered on the OBUS Lymphatic Reflexology course click here

Can I learn more?

Reflexologists who take this course often take our Lymphatic Reflexology course click here

Who can attend:

This course is open to qualified Reflexologists only