Reflexology through the Meridians



Course times:    9.30am to 5.30pm  Daily 

Course Fee:    €225

Booking Deposit:    €50

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About the course:

Denise Hanlon, with her background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, holistic massage and Reflexology has blended these three therapies to give you this wonderful workshop of Meridian massage Reflexology.

The beginnings of Reflexology are to be found in ancient Chinese & Indian healing modalities of acupressure, acupuncture and massage.  These ancient skills are what inspired Dr William Fitzgerald, the American ear, nose and throat specialist, when he studied in Asia and through this, he developed his very famous reflex zones therapy.   Through this workshop, we will gain an understanding of where this all began in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory.  We will look at the balancing of Qi and harmonising the energy fields of the body, the concept of Ying and Yang, holographic microcosms and follow the paths of the energy meridians and the locations of many acupressure points used for common disorders.

Students will learn about the channels that begin and end in the feet & hands and how by interacting with one channel or point we can affect the paired channel/distal points in other areas of the body.

Students will work on lower legs and feet, arms and hands, using massage, reflexology and acupressure techniques to give their clients a beautifully relaxing yet stimulating treatment which works on the whole body to bring back harmony and balance.

Course content

  • Introduction to the theory of Ying and Yang and Chinese Medicine
  • Location of the 14 meridians in the body
  • Introduction to the functions of the meridians and the organs they influence
  • Points to use for common disorders and to harmonise health
  • Revisiting the structure of the muscles and attachments of the limbs
  • Looking at the holographic microcosms of the body system
  • Acupressure and massage techniques
  • Using an Acu-pen to stimulate points and relieve congestion in the channels
  • Using smokeless moxa to harmonise and encourage qi
  • Contra indications and contra actions

Upon completion the students will know:

How to give a full meridian reflexology treatment including arms & hands, legs & feet.

How to use specific sequences for common disorders

Blending meridian massage with traditional reflexology

Home advice and points to use