Chinese Reflex Massage


This two-day course is designed for Reflexologists and Massage Therapists.  The treatment focuses on stimulating the energy flow in the hands and feet using key reflexology, acupuncture points and meridians.  By working on the energy channels that originate and terminate in the hands and feet, students will learn a deeply relaxing yet invigorating treatment aimed at restoring harmony and balance throughout the body, leaving clients feeling renewed and uplifted.

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Why take this course:

This two-day workshop will introduce therapists to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine theory) and the Five elements and help them to gain an understanding of how energy works in the body.

We will look at the beginnings of Reflexology and how they are rooted in ancient Chinese and Indian healing modalities, of Acupressure, Acupuncture, and Massage. These ancient skills are what inspired Dr William Fitzgerald, the American ear, nose, and throat specialist, when he studied in Asia and through this, he developed his very famous reflex zones therapy.

Students will learn about Ying and Yang and the channels that begin and end in the feet & hands. How by interacting with one channel or point we can affect the paired channel or distal points in other areas of the body.

Students will work on lower legs and feet, arms, and hands, using massage, reflex, and acupressure techniques. They will also be introduced to moxa therapy and the use of pre blended essential oils through aroma-rollerballs, to enable them to give their clients a beautifully relaxing yet stimulating treatment which works on the whole body to bring back harmony and balance. These techniques can be used as a stand-alone treatment or can be added in part to the therapist’s own treatment, to give a deeper connection between physical and emotional symptoms.

This course is written by Denise Hanlon, who has a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology. She has blended these three therapies to give you this wonderful workshop Chinese Reflex Massage of the hands and feet.

Course content:

• Introduction to the theory of Ying and Yang and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.
• Location of the 12 meridians in the body.
• Introduction to the functions of the meridians and the organs they influence.
• Acupressure points to use in your treatment for common disorders and to harmonise physical & emotional health.
• Looking at the holographic microcosms of the body system.
• Acupressure and massage techniques to incorporate into your treatments.
• Using an aroma-rollerball to balance acupressure points.
• Using smokeless moxa to harmonise and encourage flow of energy or Qi.
• Contra indications and contra actions

Upon completion the students will know:

How to give a Chinese reflex meridian aroma massage treatment which includes hands and feet.
How to use aspects of this treatment, with all your clients.
How to use specific sequences for common disorders.
Home advice with acupressure points for clients to use.

Who can take this course?

This course is open to all qualified Reflexologist, Massage Therapists and OBUS trained Aromatherapists who have been trained in Foot Reflex Massage.

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:



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