Reiki Meditation and Practice Evenings


About this course

Join Christine for a Reiki Share with a big difference!  This on-line Zoom event is for you to nurture yourself while you practice your Reiki.

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What you will learn:

It is a series of 4 evenings.

We will practice:
Two different Reiki Meditations – Joshin Kokyu Ho and The 3 Dantian
Distant Reiki
Self healing
Working with the Precepts
How journaling can help your Reiki journey

Each weeks class will be recorded and the recording will be sent to you so you can practice between classes
If you miss a class the recording will be sent to you.

Who can attend?
This course is open to anyone who has studied Reiki with any Teacher
If you have not trained with Christine you will need to send in a certificate as proof of training.

Will there be time for questions?
Yes.  We will begin the evening with 15 minutes discussion.  This will be a combination of questions and discussion of your practice.
We then go into 60 minutes practice – broken into 3 or 4 15-20 minute sections.