Sound Bath Evenings


Sound Baths are held on Thursday evenings from 8.30pm to 9.30pm 


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About our Sound Bath evenings

Our sound bath can take you on a journey into deep relaxation and help to induce a wonderful feeling of peace and calm.

Relax, unwind, switch off and absorb the sound scape as it changes around you with Himalayan singing bowls, energy chimes, gong, drum, voice and silence. Experience the luxurious and mystical sounds of Himalayan singing bowls as they bring your inner vibration to complete tranquility.
Relax as you allow your senses to feel & drift into a soundscape of peacefulness.

Together we will go on a sound journey and as you venture inward, connect with your inner landscape and come home to yourself.

Remaining fully clothed, covered in a warm cosy blanket, with a soft pillow to rest your head, you lie down in your warm cocoon and allow yourself to drift away to wherever the sounds take you!

Through the Group experience, we also connect with our fellow participants in community and together, be cosy in a supportive environment.

While we provide pillows, blankets and yoga mats, you are most welcome to bring whatever you need to support your experience – an eye mask, an extra blanket, your crystals and whatever you need to make yourself more comfortable – prepare to relax!

What happens during a sound bath?

You will lie on the floor on a yoga mat with cushions and blankets for comfort.
When the sound begins you will listen as it fills the room.
Time is suspended as you enter a world of vibration, sensation and experience.

How does sound heal?

Every cell in your body vibrates at a particular frequency.
As the sound travels through your body the healing frequencies and vibrations are experienced by every cell, tissue and organ.  This helps to release tension and stress and return the body to balance.

Who can attend?

Our sound baths are open to everyone, but there are a few situations where help may be needed, or caution is advised.  They are:
If you have difficulty lying on the floor this evening is not suitable for you as it will not be comfortable
If you have had metal plates fitted within the last 12 months, the sound can vibrate them, and this can feel uncomfortable – so wait 12 months please.
If you have a pacemaker fitted this is not a therapy for you
If you are pregnant please wait until after the first trimester.
If you have had major surgery please wait 3 months
Sound healing can bring up emotions so if you are going through a very stressful time please ring us before booking

Who facilitates the sound bath evening?

Our evenings are facilitated by Mary Gunning.  She is passionate about her work.  Her aim in life is to show people how to disconnect from the fast pace of life for a while and to learn just how wonderful they truly are!


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