The Body Never Lies – learn to listen


The body never lies – learn to listen through the lens of Chinese Medicine 
The body is always trying to re-balance and restore itself. It speaks to us and gives us strong messages telling us what we need to do to restore health and wellbeing.  Learning to listen to the body and read what it has to say can help prevent illness but it can also enrich your life experiences.
This course is for you if you want a richer life experience and a deeper relationship with yourself.

This is a live ONLINE course held over Zoom.

Learn to listen to the body through the lens of Chinese Medicine

Qi gathers and flows in and about the being through its organ energy systems (the Zang Fu) and its meridians (the Jing Luo).
Our thoughts, feelings, habits, diet, relationships and our living and working environment all have an effect on our Qi and this effect creates a pattern of wellness or unwellness in our being.

During course we will use the TCM model of the being to tap into a very solid and informed body of knowledge. We will explore the nature of Qi in health and disharmony both in our internal and external environment. We learn how to listen to, recognise, understand and move Qi in all its forms from the emotional and mental to the physical and spiritual.

Course Content

The most important element of this course is to help you identify the constitutional patterns of your life.  How you think, feel and act, on a continual basis creates patterns of wellness, harmony, illness and disharmony.
This course will give you the knowledge, tools and awareness you need to transform these patterns and change behaviours to enhance your health and improve your life.  You will learn the language of these patterns through:

  • Understanding the concept of Yin and Yang
  • Understanding the The 5 Elements
  • Discover your constitutional type and personality
  • What is Qi, how does it work and how can we work with it.
  • A complete working profile of the Zang Fu/Organ Systems of the being.
  • An introduction to the energy channels and meridians, their location and function.
  • An introduction to acupressure points, their location, their potency and actions
  • The tools to interact with the Qi using:
    • Acupressure stimulation of the key points for each system
    • Meditation and visualisation to influence the Qi
    • Qi Gong Body Movement to bring harmony to the being
    • Journaling to uncover your true self

Upon completion of the course

The student will have a deeper knowledge and understanding of how their emotions affect their physical body and the quality of their life.  They will learn the language of their spirit which will help them make worthwhile, long-term, changes to benefit their whole life.

Course Structure

This is a 3 day course held over 3 consecutive days.

Who can attend this course?

ANYONE! This course will benefit everyone.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Understand your life at a deep level that allows meaningful change to inspire you to live an expanded life
  • Understand how Qi moves in your body and your life
  • How the Qi communicates to us through our body and by events in our life
  • Exploring the foundations, techniques and application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • If you are a complementary therapist and wish to add to your existing skills

As long as the Qi is abundant and flowing there is no illness or disharmony”  Su Wen

Student Testimonials

“Everything was wonderful! A true blessing! I can’t think of one thing to improve it. Awesome instructor. Thanks so much. Definitely want to do another class”  S. J.

“The best course that I have ever done! It was like putting the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle in place. It all fits into place now, how the body processes what is going on in our lives”  BERNIE DENNING

“This course has been such a revelation! It’s absolutely mind blowing stuff. I learned so much about myself as well as TMC. I would highly recommend this course to any and all therapists to aid consultancy with clients”  A.D.

“Absolutely awesome course – so worth the time. Material is applicable to my practice and to my personal journey in health wellness and profession. Christine Rocks!  B. B.

This course is approved for Continual Professional Development (CPD points) with the following organisations:



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