Vision board- Create your Vision Board


When you see, you believe and you achieve!  This pandemic is asking us all to look at our life and our values.  Are you feeling stuck? Do you want to attract a different life?  Then this workshop is for you!  In this workshop we will be looking at how to manifest what we want through the creation of a personal vision board.  You will experience:

  • Creating a personal vision board
  • Looking at the specific area you wish to manifest
  • Including all the aspects of your life based on Louise L. Hays philosophies
  • How to make the best of your vision board
  • Visualisation and positive affirmations
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This course in now available online.

Why create a Vision Board?

Heal Your Life author Louise Hay recommends creating a vision board in order to attract the things you want into your life.   But creating a vision board is not just writing lots of impossible things on a list and seeing what happens.  Creating a vision board is creating a sacred space that displays what you want to have in your life AND how you want to feel about your life.  What we focus on expands.  When you create a vision board it should be placed where you can see it regularly. This way you are giving it energy and effectively doing a short visualisation on your dreams every day.

How to create a Vision Board

There are no rules, you just focus on what you want and how it is going to make you feel – not on what you think you should want.  This workshop is an opportunity to create space in your life to focus on creating a vision board which fills your heart with delight and joy.   Our Heal Your Life teacher, Grainne, will guide you through the process of personally designing your board for your future. The price includes materials

See Christine’s blog on how she creates her vision

Blog post by Christine

“My Vision Board”

I have just completed my new vision board.  It is ready to be put on the wall of my personal office once I get home from Malta.  A vision board helps me to stay focused on what is important in my life.  It helps to give me direction and it is where my dreams first see the light of day.  When I begin the process (which normally takes a few weeks) it always feels like goal setting, which I did many years ago in the corporate scene.  But then as I start to make the vision I hold for my life part of my meditation and as I start to collect pictures and sayings from magazines, the process softens and bends and begins to go in unexpected directions.

Normally when I make a new vision board I take the old one down from the wall but 3 years ago my vision board was about the people in my life and in history who have inspired me and why.  That board is still on the wall and all new ones are put beside it as these people continue to inspire me to live my best life.

Some of my vision boards have lasted months and some have lasted years. But the process of acknowledging I need a new vision, of creating a new board and letting go of the old one is always a great period of personal growth for me.

What’s on your vision board?