Wellness Wednesdays (Booking Deposit)



Wellness Wednesday
Date: 8th April 2020

Time: 10.00am-2.30pm

Wellness Wednesday
Date: 3rd June 2020

Time: 10.00am-2.30pm



Booking Deposit €60


About The Course

9.45am. Arrive, registration, introductions and start your day with a cup tea.

Aromatherapy session*

We start our day by tapping into the power of essential oils.
Learn some great ideas about how to bring Aromatherapy into your home and your life.
Learn aromatherapy techniques such as:

  • How and why to have an aromatic bath or foot bath.
  • How to safely vaporise for relaxation and wellness.
  • How to make a luxurious aromatic body lotion.
  • Aromatics tips to relieve anxiety and aid sleep

10.45 am.  Guided meditation

Enjoy a short-guided meditation.  Guided meditation is an excellent way to help you to become centred.  It is a wonderful tool during times of stress or heighted emotional times such as processing grief.

11am. Journaling

Space is given to allow time for journaling.  Journaling is an excellent way to help you to reflect and process your day and your emotions.  It helps to give perspective to events and emotions in your life.

11.15am. De-stress techniques for every day.

We will practice and discuss different techniques you can use throughout the day to help bring a sense of calm to your inner life.

12pm. Heart Chakra massage.

Learn how to give and receive this beautiful calming and nurturing massage. **

1pm. Time for lunch to replenish and relax.

1.30pm. Restorative Yoga Session.

Whether you’re recovering from illness or injury, whether you suffer with anxiety or stress

or you’re always super busy, this session will allow you to deeply relax and to step off the

world for a break!

In this session we truly let go. This is Pure Time Out for you.

2.30pm. Finish.

*Participants will bring how an aromatherapy body lotion and inhaler to enjoy for weeks!

**Participants remain clothed, and are seated for this wonderful 10 minute massage

Who can attend?


This day is for anyone who just wants time out to enjoy a morning and learn ways to help them relax and take care of themselves!