Professional Development training for AROMATHERAPISTS

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Aromatherapy has changed enormously since I qualified in 1996.  There is a lot of research on a range of essential oils.  Some of this research backs up what aromatherapists have known empirically, some of it gives us new information on the therapeutic values of an oil and yet more research gives us new safety information.

New ways of using essential both on their own and with other modalities are fascinating me.  This is why I have invited Jonathan Benavides to teach his H.E.A.R.T.S. for aromatherapists here in OBUS.

Learn the safe and effective use of essential oils in pregnancy Aromatherapy Diploma Course

Herbal Medicine for Aromatherapists
Learn how to make and use poultices, liniments, and ointment.  Watch as the teacher demonstrates how to make infused oils from garden herbs.  Fantastic! click here for details 

Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy
Learn advanced therapeutic blending for pain, inflammation and infection.  Application methods include, suppositories, pessaries, capsules and ointments.  Click here for details    

Aromatherapy for pregnancy and babies.
Learn to work safely to support the mother and baby during pregnancy, labour and birth.  Learn how to use essential re-balance the mothers body post-partum.  It is very important to be up to date with your current knowledge on safety when working with babies and children.  This course will deliver the most up to date information available. Click here for details 

Making natural cosmetics and ointments.
This is a great day.  Colum and I are delighted to show you all we learned to start us on the road of making the OBUS range of skin care products.  It is a great day of information and lots of fun. Click here for details

Making Natural Perfumes with essential oils
Learn the art of blending to create your signature aroma
Click here for details

H.E.A.R.T.S. process for aromatherapists, with Jonathan Benavides.  A wonderful weekend of training. Working with fragile and vulnerable clients. Combining Aromatherapy with all our senses makes this a fascinating course Click here for details

Aromatic Kinesiology.
Robbi Zeck show you how to combine kinesiology with aromatherapy to help you integrate essential oils into your daily life for your emotional care. Regular aromatic anchoring at the emotional level can lead to lasting positive life changes.
Click here for details

Chemistry of Essential oils. 
Learn to blend based on the most up to date chemistry knowledge. Learn how to make safe and effective blends for:

Aromatherapy for healing the skin.
Expand your knowledge of infused oils and vegetable oils to safely address many common skin issues.   Learn how to address issues such as Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema by combining, essential oils, hydrosols and vegetable oils.  Click here for details

Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy.
This course will introduce you to different ways to use essential oil

First Aid – to book click here
Our one day first aid training is recognised by all Professional bodies in Ireland.

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