The changing seasons

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I love all seasons. I especially love the beginning and end of the seasons because that’s
when I look forward to what the new season will bring with it and what do I let
go of from the old season.

Spring is a time of new grown, rebirth and longer days.  I always feel Spring has arrived when the
days are noticeably longer and I am saying – “wow 6pm and its still

What new growth will I allow into my life this spring?

  • New
    learning – I have a few courses I want to take this year and I am enjoying
    researching where and what I will study.
  • New
    hobbies – I have decided I need balance and a new hobby would be a good
    place to start.  The only thing is
    the last time I said that I took up Aromatherapy as a hobby and look at
    how that changed my life!
  • New
    routine – I have been changing my work routine over the last few
    months.  As I teach most weekends I
    have been taking Monday and Tuesday off every week as  my weekend.  I like this new routine and I think I will keep it.

What will I let go of?

Sometimes I find it difficult to just stop!  So I will try to let go of unnecessary
doing!  That’s going to be a challenge!

What do I bring from season to season?

Essential oils – that was easy.

I have two blends of essential that I am really drawn to at
the moment and they are

Moroccan Chamomile, Spikenard and Bergamot, for comfort, security and uplifting.


Sage, Peppermint and Lavandin, for clearing, creating space and relaxation.

As always my choice of essential oils tells me so much about
how I am feeling and Robbi Zeck’s book Blossoming Heart gives a great
interpretation of the emotional calling of oils.