The many faces of friendships

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The many faces of friendships

I am blessed to have wonderful people in my life that are true and loyal friends.  They enhance the quality of my life and my life is richer for knowing them.

But while working on my vision board recently I was struck by how my understanding and definition of friendship has changed over the years.

When I was a child a friend was someone I wanted to be with all the time, we told each other everything and we were always the best of friends.  I am thrilled to say that the friend I met in school is still in my life and yes we still talk about everything and she is my rock.   She is one of the people I run things past because she really knows me and can put things into perspective and context for me.  She is always in my corner.

I have two friends I met in college who are still in my life.  We meet for dinner and a chat 5 or 6 times a year and we always make space for our girls weekend away once a year even in the years when we were having our babies!  We don’t know everything about  each other but we know what is important.   These two girls are such a joy to have in my life. We have supported each other through many changes.  They are always so positive and once again they are people whom I trust and love.

I then have lots of people I meet up with occasionally that are also great friends.  Each one of them adds something different but special to my life.  We know very little about each others expanded life but know everything about what connects us.  They enrich my experience of life and I trust
and value their opinion enormously.

Then there are the people who have come into my life for a
short period of time but that I no longer see. Some of these people were great friends for a short time and the imprint
of their wonderful (but short) friendship lingers on in my life.

To all of you I say a big heart felt thank you!