The power of AromaQi-Reflexology

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The feet are just amazing!  You can tell so much just
by touching them.  It does not matter if you are working on them as a
Reflexologist, a Chinese Medicine practitioner or a massage therapist!
They tell you so much and they can also be used to help heal and prevent

I love to bring my 3 great passions together – Aromatherapy,
Reflexology and Chinese medicine and here is a simple recipe for you to use.


Spikenard– this beautiful oil is related to Valerian. It has all the wonderful relaxing and calming properties of Valerian but
smells better.

 “ I love the gentle hint of apple I get form Moroccan Chamomile, it
reminds me of summer.  If you don’t have
it use Roman chamomile.

Lavender“ it brings the whole being back into balance.

these 3 oils in a 2% blend (that is a total of 20 drops of essential oils in 50
ml of vegetable oil) and massage into the following reflex points on the feet
just before you go to bed.

First massage the blend into the big toe
because it houses the brain. The brain releases Serotonin which helps promote
sleep. The big toe also contains the reflex for the Pineal gland and the
Hypothalamus both of which control the sleep/wake pattern

Second massage the blend into the adrenal reflex
to ease anxiety

Third massage the blend into the Solar Plexus and
Diaphragm to aid relaxation and encourage deep breathing.

Chinese Medicine: 
Lastly, massage the blend into the acupuncture point
Kidney one – same as the solar plexus, and around the inside anklebone where
you will be massaging Kidney 3, 4, 5, and 6. This will help to ground you and allow you to enter a deep sleep.

Sweet Dreams