Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology




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About this course

This is a two-day course which is open to anyone.
Introduction to Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology offers a foundation in Anatomy and Physiology training.  It is for students who practice a therapy that does not require a full diploma in A&P and is required by:
Reiki Federation of Ireland members
Reiki Practitioners
Indian Head Massage Therapists

What will I learn?

Day one:

Muscular System
Skeletal System
Skin, and senses – eyes and ears

Circulatory System
Lymphatic System
Immune System

Day two:

Endocrine System
Reproductive System
Nervous System

Digestive System
Urinary System

Note: Cells will be covered with each system.

What will I learn?

• How each system of the body works.
• How each system can go out of balance.
• Most common pathologies for each system with guided self-learning for other pathologies.
• When to advise clients to seek medical attention
• Cautions needed for pathologies e.g., low blood pressure and fainting.

Homework, Exams and Books:

There is homework, assessment or exam
Course fee includes the cost of the course workbook.

Our gift to you:

If students who take this course decide to take the full ITEC A&P Diploma course, within 2 years of completing this course, OBUS will offer them €100 discount off the price of the full ITEC diploma