Pilates for PREGNANCY

Dates: Thursday 27 February 2020
Times: THURSDAY EVENING class 6.00pm to 7.00pm
Fee: €75.00
Booking Deposit: €30.00

Pilates for Pregnancy

 Classes 6 weeks from 27th Feb to 2nd Apr

Exercise is good for you and your baby during pregnancy.  Suitable exercises are walking, swimming, Pilates or yoga.

You certainly do not have to stop exercising during a healthy pregnancy.  And, if you do not normally do a pilates class, you can begin pilates during pregnancy as long as your instructor is fully trained and experienced in teaching “Pilates for Pregnancy”.

Here in OBUS Wellness Centre we create a supportive environment for our pregnant ladies!  Our pilates class will help prepare your body for birth.  It will also help your body relax and stay flexible and strong.

The class focuses on:
Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles
Keeping the legs, back and arms strong and toned
Staying flexible and utilising your breath.

This class is tailored to meet your needs.  You will learn how to support your changing body shape and size, build strength in our back, strengthen the abdominal muscles and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic area.  Our main focus is to perform safe and effective Pilates exercises designed specifically for the rapid changes your pregnant body is experiencing.

This class will help you:

  • Stay active
  • Correct bad postural changes that may occur during pregnancy
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Strengthen your pelvic muscles to help give you an easier pregnancy, birth and recovery.
  • Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles also helps prevent bladder leaking during and after pregnancy.

Why you will love these classes:

One of the  main objective of our pre and postnatal classes is to keep the rectus abdominal separation to a minimum by strengthening the deepest abdominal muscles while focusing on breath and rhythmic kegal contractions.

Our classes bring you exercises that have been especially created by highly trained instructors to give the most positive birthing experience possible.

The breathing techniques learned during your Pilates class will help you during labour, deliver and even after……when you need to relax!

Did you know OBUS Wellness Centre offers a wide range of complementary therapies suitable for pregnancy? Click here for details


Startdate: 2020-02-27
End Date 2020-04-02

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