Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care

Dates: Saturday 06 October 2018 - Sunday 07 October 2018
Times: 9.30am to 5.30pm
Fee: Various
Booking Deposit: €50.00

Cancer care training at OBUS

There are 3 different stand alone workshops. They are:

Receiving the diagnosis of cancer profoundly changes your life. Everyone becomes highly stressed and many people feel lost and afraid. The disease information, the statistics, the list of possible treatments, the side effects and outcomes can be bewildering.

People experience a wide range of emotions including fear, loss, panic and numbness.
It’s no wonder some people recently diagnosed and people living with cancer, experience altered sleep patterns, changes in energy levels and eating patterns, increased anxiety and stress.

Complementary therapies can help people at every stage of their cancer journey. However knowing what treatment to offer your clients and how to adapt your therapy can be challenging for the therapist especially with all the mis-information there is about massage moving cancer, essential oils interfering with drugs and reflexology adding to nausea and the general fear around treating anyone with cancer.

This series of Complementary therapies in Cancer Care workshops is designed to give the therapist the most up to date and current research regarding the benefits of complementary therapies in the cancer setting. The protocols for working with people who are living with and surviving cancer and the confidence to realise the work you are trained to do does not need to stop (only appropriately adapted) when your client, friend, family member presents with cancer.


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Massage for Cancer Care July 2019

Reflexology for Cancer Care May 2019



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