Guide to Living Magically

Dates: Tuesday 21 May 2019 - Tuesday 21 May 2019
Times: 8.15pm to 9.45pm
Fee: €25.00
Booking Deposit: €25.00


“We are spiritual beings having a human experience” says Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. And transforming our lives on all levels can be an exciting and liberating human experience as a woman ascends into her third age of living.

The ‘change’ or menopause can be a confusing and even dreaded time in a woman’s life.  There can be a lot of fear around the possible changes ahead.

But we are living in a ‘new coming of age’ and women have never been more educated, more sophisticated and better able to live long lives in which they thrive and continue to influence, advise and support their families, their communities and the world.

The modern third age of woman is no longer something to fear, but it is the point a woman achieves her status of what I call the ‘Wise and Ageless Goddess.’ A powerfully feminine, spiritual and creatively fertile time.

Your changing life circumstances and the changes in your body at this time all happen with perfect timing and begin the merging of the spiritual and human experience. There is a brand new energy flowing through you and this is now your time, after years of nurturing others. Time to follow the signposts to your own heart’s desire – kept safe within you knowing this day would come.

When we use the wisdom of our life experience and the internal guidance system of the our heightened levels of intuition – your sixth sense – you bring into play that powerfully feminine sense of ‘knowing’.

Learn to recognise the visions, the whispers, the winks and nods from the universe that lead to the blessings of a wonder-filled life.
Make room for life’s magic.
Welcome more delight everyday from now on.

In my one and a half hour ‘Wise & Ageless Goddess guide to Living Magically’ event I show you how to:

  • Introduce numerology and calculate your personal ‘Life Path’ and ‘Personal Year’ numbers.
  • Create your own sacred space or sanctuary.
  • Create your own collection of beautiful healing crystals.
  • Understand the Universal Law of Attraction
  • Notice heavenly signs, answers and messages.
  • Consult your own angel oracle deck for guidance.
  • Understand your chakra energy system.
  • The miracles of Meditation.
  • Understand the Universal Law of Attraction

………………..and much more.

Trina Keane is the founder of the UpStarts ..….for new beginnings as life advances community.
She is a regular contributor on Sunshine Radio covering topics such as her ‘MenoPower’©, “It’s Never too Late to Begin” and ‘Living Magically’ mentoring programs and other subjects on the sacred soulcraft of self-nurture for women in midlife and beyond.

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Startdate: 2019-05-21
End Date 2019-05-21

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