Heal your Life – 2 day workshop

Dates: Saturday 13 April 2019 - Sunday 14 April 2019
Times: 10.00am to 4.30pm
Fee: €180.00
Booking Deposit: €50.00

Heal your life workshops at OBUS

Heal your life workshop

Louise L. Hay, Heal Your Life 2-Day Workshop, facilitated by Gráinne Stone

This workshop is an opportunity to transform your life based on the philosophies of the Louise L. Hay, a metaphysical lecturer and teacher and the bestselling author of numerous books including Heal Your Body A-Z and You Can Heal Your Life.

The workshop enables you how to use, and create positive affirmations to attract the life you want. Many of us are aware that we need to change and may not have the necessary tools or knowledge on how to do so.

This workshop creates a space where you will feel supported in letting go of your usual criticisms, taking an honest look at your thoughts and allowing yourself to truly access your emotions. When you create a space of honesty in your life, you find that the internal arguments cease and we can easily allow positive change to happen.

Part of Louise L. Hay’s philosophy is that the only person we ever need to change is ourselves, therefore expect a lot of this workshop to focus on understanding and loving yourself.

Over the two days expect to explore the following:-
Your inner child
Mind-body connection
Family dynamics
Looking at the healing of negative emotions
Gratitude – positive affirmations to attract the life you want.

Review night
Gráinne will be hosting a “review” night for everyone who has taken the course.  This is to help people further understand the work and answer any questions they may have.

Gráinne is an experienced Heal Your Life teacher who commenced on her own personal transformation by participating in a Heal Your Life two day workshop several years ago.

Heal your life evenings are also run at OBUS 

Startdate: 2019-04-13
End Date 2019-04-14

Address : 3/4 Mill Lane Heal your Life - 2 day workshop
Co Kildare