Professional Communication Skills for Holistic Therapists

Dates: Saturday 24 November 2018 - Saturday 24 November 2018
Times: 9.30am to 5.30pm
Fee: €125.00
Booking Deposit: €50.00

professional communication at obus

Professional Communication Skills for Holistic Therapists

This is a one day workshop for therapists who have completed a Diploma course with OBUS School of Healing Therapies

What you can expect to learn from this workshop:-

– Develop a working model of communication with clients
– Learn how to actively listen to a client
– Respond effectively to non-verbal messages
– Empathising with the client whilst not getting into a “fix-it” situation
– Have confidence dealing with an emotional client
– Uphold boundaries
– Managing time in sessions
– Psychic energy protection
– Maximise your business potential


Startdate: 2018-11-24
End Date 2018-11-24

Performer: Obus School
Address : 3-4 Mill Lane Communication skills for holistic therapists
co Kildare