Stone Therapy for Hands and Feet

Dates: Wednesday 20 February 2019 - Wednesday 20 February 2019
Times: 9.30am to 4.30pm
Fee: €125.00
Booking Deposit: 50.00


Who can attend this course:
This stone therapy for hands and feet workshop is open to Massage therapists and Reflexologists

Benefits of Stone Therapy

  • The heat of the stones on the body is, warming, moving and activating to the Qi, which assists in balancing the energy circulating through the meridians and the organs.
  • The heat and the weight of the stones have a very grounding effect on the client.
  • Stone therapy is an excellent de-toxing treatment aiding the body to release toxins, which build up due to stressful living.
  • Increased metabolism – increased circulation means organs and systems can function more effectively, therefore the rate at which the body processes food, toxins and energy is also improved.

The effect of Stone Therapy

  • To activate stagnant Qi
  • To balance excessive Qi.
  • To relax the client mentally, physically and energetically.
  • To relax tension held in the clients body tissues and organs and thus to aid circulation of Qi to the being.

Course Content:
During this workshop you will learn:
* Why stone therapy is so effective in cleansing the body
* Stone placement to achieve the most effective treatment
* Stone foot and hand massage focusing on relaxing the muscles and activating the meridians.

Equipment needed:
All equipment for the training will be supplied.
To get started in your clinic you will need to purchase stones, a heater and a thermometer.
This can be purchased from as little as €75.00.  Recommendations of what to buy and where to buy, will be given on the day

Startdate: 2019-02-20
End Date 2019-02-20

Address : 3/4 Mill Lane Stone Therapy for Hands and Feet
County Kildare