The Art and Fun of Belly Dancing

Dates: Tuesday 09 April 2019 - Tuesday 09 April 2019
Times: 8.15pm - 9.30pm
Fee: €15.00
Booking Deposit: €15.00


Give yourself the gift of joy through this 17,000-year-old sacred art form that teaches us to move with, rather than against, the body’s natural bone and muscle structure.
Bellydance works the sacral chakra, the seat of our creativity, as well as opening up the heart chakra and more.
The movements are the best-known exercise for women and suitable after childbirth, hysterectomy or even recovering from back pain.
You will work all major muscle groups in a safe, controlled way, not just the belly.
Yes, you will feel you have actually learned some of the basic steps of Classical Egyptian Bellydance or Raqs Sharqui as it’s correctly called.
The benefit for well-being and re-connection with our bodies is huge.

It’s about solidarity amongst women, not jealousy or competitiveness but a sense of holding, a weaving together of grandmothers, mothers, daughters, granddaughters connected through an intricate, complex system that is the sacred feminine.

An Introduction to Bellydance is taught in easy-to learn basic steps by Master qualified dance instructor.  Bellydance gives women and girls the tools to resist negative messages about themselves and promotes strong body-boundaries.
No put downs allowed of ourselves or others.
We connect with the earth as this dance form is mostly practised barefoot as well as the circular formations and floor patterns.

The biomechanics of correct Bellydance posture will be taught to avoid injury and to carry out the moves correctly.

What we will cover:
You will definitely have fun learning shimmies, camel walks, belly rolls, hip lift and drops, shoulder shimmies, neck slides and 2 simple choreographics – one with a veil that you can practise at home with the beautiful women in your life. You will be transported to the Orient with the hypnotic beats and I guarantee something inside you will change for the better.

The workshop will start with a fun warm-up and a safe, relaxing cool-down leaving you aligned and grounded.

What to bring:
Bring something heavy like a scarf to tie around your hips and wear your favourite colour. You don’t need any previous dance experience and I started off with two left feet many years ago so a desire to learn is the only requirement.
Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a smile and bottle of water. I look forward to welcoming you and sharing this gift that has helped me and so many of my students over the years.

Juniper Jade, M.A. Dance Movement Therapy, H-Dip Advanced Dance

What people have said about Juniper Jade’s classes
• “I went to bellydancing because I wanted a fun way to exercise but I also craved a little help maintaining feeling good about my body as I hit middle age and as one medical article put it “in peri-menopause, fat migrates to a woman’s belly.” Irish women haven’t ever embraced that, but I learned to enjoy the cultural perspectives Maria shares in class that celebrate women’s true shapes, not the media model versions.” (Suzie, 47)

• “Bellydance has loosened my muscles and increased my energy. I feel much more energetic, more relaxed. A great workout!” (Joan, 50)

• “I find the class very relaxing and look forward to it each week. I feel more energetic and more awake afterwards.” (Teresa, 55)

Startdate: 2019-04-09
End Date 2019-04-09

Address : 3-4 Mill Lane The art and fun of BELLY DANCING

Co Kildare