SUMMER Yoga for General Fittness

Dates: Monday 01 July 2019
Times: MONDAY 8.30pm to 10.00pm
Fee: €50
Booking Deposit: €30.00


What people say about our Yoga Classes

  • I can breath better since starting
  • I sleep so much better since
    starting Yoga
  • I can reach the top shelf in the
    kitchen again

About the class:
Yoga is a philosophy which, through physical and
mental exercise, helps to bring a person to a state of awareness and
It helps to calm the mind, alleviate the effects of stress
and it gets you in touch with your body.

The benefits of regular
practice are many – yoga stretches help to:

  • Build muscle strength and tone
  • Improve posture and flexibility
  • Improve breathing
  • Improve the functioning of all body systems

Yoga at the OBUS Wellness Centre
the OBUS Wellness Centre we are committed to helping people find their
level of flexibility.  We run four different levels of Yoga

  • Yoga for General Fitness
  • Core Yoga for people who want to build core strength and flexibility
  • Therapeutic Yoga for people with limited mobility
  • Yoga Therapy – one on one sessions for people who need more direction than they can receive in a class