one to one Yoga THERAPY

Yoga Therapy

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Yoga Therapy is a one-on-one therapy. 
The tutor works with the individual and devises a program of work to help them regain or improve mobility.  Once they meet, the tutor will create a CD for the person to listen to and continue their work at home between visits.

This therapy is for people who:
Are recovering from an accidient or illness
Have reduced or reducing mobility due to illness
Have limited mobility due to years of bad posture

Our Therapist
Jakki Reid

About Jakki: 
Over the next 20 years Jakki has attended Yoga classes with various teachers  both here in Ireland and in England. All of these teachers have been enlightening, encouraging and supportive – and all very different.

In 2000 Jakki began attending classes in Leixlip and was introduced to Yoga Therapy Ireland. She was so inspired by their teaching methods and their whole approach to yoga that she decided to train with them to become a Yoga teacher.

Since successfully completing her two year training course Jakki teaches Yoga at many different yoga venues throughout Co.Dublin/Kildare.

Jakki brings her love of yoga philosophy and meditation to her class to inspire and encourage others to grow and develop.

Jakki teaches Yoga for general fitness, Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation classes in OBUS Wellness Centre.
She is also one of the yoga therapists offering Yoga Therapy as a one-on-one therapy.

Yoga at the OBUS Wellness Centre
At the OBUS Wellness Centre we are committed to helping people find their level of flexibility.  We run four different levels of Yoga

  • Yoga for General Fitness, flexibility and relaxation.
  • Core Yoga for people who want to build core strength and flexibility
  • Therapeutic Yoga for people with limited mobility
  • Yoga Therapy – one on one sessions for people who need more direction than they can receive in a class